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Advanced Ecology Software

Life table theory and data analysis are quite difficult for most scientists and students.  I offer three to four days intensive course in "Life table theory and data analysis".   My lecture will help you to understand the details of life table theory and why you should use the age-stage, two-sex life table for insect populations.  The differences between the traditional female age-specific life table and the age-stage, two-sex life table will be discussed.  The common errors in literatures will be also discussed during the lecture.  If you are interested in the lecture, please contact me (hsinchi@dragon.nchu.edu.tw).  (Click here to download the outline of lecture).




The software is FREE.  To protect my intellectual property and academic ethics, all programs can only be used if and only if you agree the condition of the Software License Agreement.  If you agree with the Software License Agreement, you can run them using the password "test".  If you don't agree with the Software License Agreement, you should not use my program and you should delete it from your computer or any other diskette.  Please download the Software License Agreement and read it carefully before you use it. 


If you need a password for full function, please send an e-mail to me (hsinchi@dragon.nchu.edu.tw).  In your e-mail, please give your name, institution, position, and purpose of study.  If you agree with the whole Software License Agreement,  please clearly declare it in your e-mail.  Then I will send you the password for full function.  If you don't agree with the License Agreement, you should not use it.  If you get a copy or the password not directly from me, it is illegal.  Using an illegal copy or distributing my software to anyone, you will be sued for infringement action.



下載兩性生命表程式授權書 TWOSEX-MSChart.

下載模擬程式授權書 TIMING-MSChart.

下載Probit 分析程式授權書Probit-MSChart.

Download Software License Agreement】

Download Software License Agreement for TWOSEX-MSChart.

Download Software License Agreement for TIMING-MSChart.

Download Software License Agreement for Probit-MSChart.



Click following links to download the programs.  請選擇擬下載之軟體。

TIMING-MSChart (Simulation of population growth and management)

TWOSEX-MSChart (Two-sex life table analysis)

How to prepare data file for multiple comparison (paired bootstrap test)

CONSUME-MSChart (Consumption rate analysis)

Probit analysis (With MSChart.ocx)


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